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Over the weekend…

11/5/22, 7:19am
Found Pipe Bomb
14900 blk Pacific Ave S, Parkland/Spanaway

An auto parts store employee was cleaning up garbage left behind by transients when he discovered a suspicious item inside a duffle bag. It was a metal pipe that was capped on both ends and wrapped in tape. One of our bomb techs was called out to examine the item. He safely transported the device to our firing range for further inspection. He determined that the device was a fully functioning homemade pipe bomb and would have a blast similar to a grenade. He rendered the device safe and examined it for evidence. This is a good reminder to always report suspicious items to 911 – let the experts take it from there.

11/5/22, 7:43am
11400 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit

A cell-phone retailer filed an online report after noticing damage that seems to be consistent with an attempted burglary. According to an employee, a suspect used a torch to remove two of three hinges from the rear entrance door. They also put a large hole in the metal door, but it doesn’t go all the way through. Property crimes investigators will contact the business to see if video footage is available.

11/5/22, 8:48pm
Armed Robbery
20300 blk Mountain Hwy E, Spanaway

A 52-year-old man was walking to his car after making a purchase at a store. While he was loading his vehicle, a suspect pointed a gun at him and demanded his gold necklaces. The victim complied and gave the suspect his jewelry. Deputies conducted an area check for the suspect before and after taking the report, but didn’t locate anyone. The victim was unable to provide much detail about the suspect. Deputies checked video footage from the business, but the victim’s vehicle was blocking the camera’s view of the robbery. The value of the stolen jewelry is approximately $1,200.

11/6/22, 1:24am
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
9500 blk 176th St E, South Hill

A patrol sergeant was doing a routine check of a grocery store parking lot when he noticed a spray-painted truck parked in the lot. The truck was running and there were two people passed out inside. The deputy checked the VIN and determined the vehicle was stolen. Backup arrived and a deputy placed stop sticks in front of the tires in case the driver decided to take off. When deputies woke the driver and his passenger, the driver claimed he bought the vehicle on OfferUp. Deputies observed damage to the steering column and discovered that the driver was starting the vehicle with a nail file. He also has a history of stealing vehicles. The 31-year-old suspect was arrested but could not be booked into jail due to a serious medical condition that would likely require hospitalization. The case was forwarded to the prosecutor for a charging decision.

11/6/22, 8:00am
Bomb Threat
16500 blk Meridian E, South Hill

A man was attempting to return a cell phone at a customer service counter inside a large store. The employee told him he had the wrong receipt and wouldn’t accept the return. The man left and returned an hour later. Once again, he had the wrong receipt and the employee refused to process the return. The man was angry and threatened to blow up the store. A manager contacted the man and asked him if he was really threatening to blow up the store. He responded by telling her it was a promise, not a threat. The man left the store and employees called 911. The manager located video of the suspect’s vehicle and will be uploading the footage for further investigation.