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Over the weekend…

2/4/23, 8:36am
11500 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit

A drug store employee filed an online theft report. She said that a woman entered the store with a large, empty tote bag. She grabbed a cart and headed for the makeup section. She put makeup items in her cart and went to the counter like she was going to pay for the items. She tried to distract the employee by telling her that she needed an item from the shelf behind the employee. The employee told her that she would get the item after she rang up the other merchandise. The woman began yelling obscenities at the employee. She grabbed approximately $165 worth of merchandise and fled to a waiting vehicle, which did not have license plates.

2/4/23, 3:34pm
10300 blk 156th St E, South Hill

A department store employee filed on online theft report. He said that cameras caught a male suspect breaking into a locked case in the electronics department. He grabbed a laptop, put it in a bag, and left the store.

2/4 – 2/5/23, Overnight
Commercial Burglary
200 blk Garfield St S, Parkland

A deputy was dispatched to a burglary that had occurred overnight at a cell phone retailer. When the deputy arrived, a manger told her that when he arrived for work, he saw drywall debris on the floor near the back office. When he opened the office door, he saw a large hole near the ceiling with a ladder next to it. He said a suspect rummaged through the office, but nothing appeared to be missing. It appears that the suspect broke into the vacant suite next door and then created the hole to get into the cell phone store.

2/5/23, 3:37pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
15200 blk Pacific Ave S, Spanaway/Parkland

Several 911 callers reported a vehicle that had been abandoned in the intersection Pacific Ave S and Military Rd S. When a deputy arrived, she realized that the vehicle, a Kia Soul, was the same car from her vehicle theft call just 15 minutes earlier. One of the 911 callers followed the four juveniles who got out of the car. Deputies located two of the suspects hiding in a fenced lot at a storage facility in the 15400 block of 1st Ave Ct S. The 15-year-old driver and 14-year-old passenger were booked into Remann Hall for possession of a stolen vehicle and burglary. Deputies discovered that at least two other Kias have recently been stolen within blocks of the driver’s home. Those investigations are ongoing.

2/5/23, 7:10pm
Collision, DUI Arrest
160th St E & 83rd Ave E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a two-vehicle collision involving a possibly impaired driver. When they arrived, one of the drivers told them that she had slowed down to make a left turn and was struck from behind by the other driver. The collision pushed the victim’s car into the ditch and her passenger had to be extricated by fire personnel. The 24-year-old suspect told deputies that he consumed approximately 10 beers in the hour prior to the collision. One of our deputies, who is a certified phlebotomist, conducted a blood draw. The suspect was then booked into jail for DUI.