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Woman arrested for fleeing in stolen vehicle, attempting to carjack 70-year-old man

On Jan. 31, deputies spotted a suspicious occupied vehicle at an apartment complex in the 400 block of 111th St Ct E in Parkland. The vehicle, a Kia Sportage, had license plates on it that belonged to a stolen Kia Sorrento. As the car drove towards the exit of the complex, a deputy attempted to stop it. It sped away from the deputy and dodged stop sticks that another deputy had deployed. The vehicle fled eastbound on 112th St E at a high rate of speed. Since theft (vehicle or otherwise) is not a pursuable offense, the deputy couldn’t chase after the car.

Other deputies in the area began searching for the car, which was found abandoned in a yard in the 900 block of 85th St E.

A deputy spotted the female driver running along the railroad tracks nearby. When she saw the deputy following her, she hopped a fence and ran back toward the road.

When a driver slowed down to avoid hitting her, the suspect reached into the 70-year-old man’s car and unlocked the door. She repeatedly tried to pull him out of the car and punched him multiple times. When deputies got to the car, the suspect was on the victim’s lap and was trying to drive away in the car. She tried to flee on foot once again and was taken into custody almost immediately.

The 27-year-old suspect initially gave deputies a fake name, but she was eventually identified.

Deputies determined that the Kia Sportage she fled in was stolen.

Prosecutors charged her with attempted robbery in the first degree, eluding, possession of a stolen vehicle, and giving a false statement. Bail was set at $250,000.

According to prosecutors, she is a recently released high-rate offender with seven felony convictions, and she is currently on community custody.