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Deputy Shanks receives commendation for compassionate service

We’d like to share with you a commendation that Deputy Shanks (Peninsula Detachment) received for his compassionate actions during the December ice storm. The following is a summary of that commendation, which was submitted by Deputy Shanks’ sergeant:

A woman called the sergeant to make a compliment regarding Deputy Shanks. She told him that Deputy Shanks was helpful, kind and compassionate during their interactions. The woman explained that she had tried to leave her house the morning after the ice storm. She said she made it to the end of her driveway and stopped before turning onto SR-302. Her car began sliding backwards into her yard. She called 911 and explained that she is elderly, walks with a cane, and couldn’t get out of her car. Deputy Shanks immediately drove to her location and gave her a ride to her place of business in Gig Harbor. He told her that he would check back with her to ensure she had a ride home. The woman said Deputy Shanks did in fact check back with her and was told that she was unable to arrange for a ride. Deputy Shanks was already off duty for the day, but he loaded up his daughter, drove to the woman’s store and gave her a ride home.

Please join us in thanking Deputy Shanks for going above and beyond the call of duty!