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Tuesday Lockdown at Cedarcrest Middle School for Possible Gun on Campus

***Cedarcrest Lockdown Recap***

Watch the body camera footage when deputies rush to get to the middle school when they are told of a kid on campus with a firearm. Great lockdown, great response, awesome K9 track.

After you watch the body camera stick around for a discussion about the reality of school lockdowns and a recap of the incident from Sgt. Moss.

It’s important to remember these lockdowns should not be taken lightly and we should be checking on our children to make sure they are emotionally doing well after experiencing a lockdown.




Yesterday at 1:13 pm, on Tuesday April 25th, our deputies responded to a call of a weapon being displayed at Cedarcrest Middle School in Spanaway. Our School Resource Deputies and patrol deputies responded to the scene as the school went into lockdown.

Deputies were given the name of a student who was reportedly seen with a gun tucked in his waistband at school. Deputies checked the classroom where the student was supposed to be and he was not there. Deputies were able to locate the student in the second floor hallway and detained him. No firearm was immediately found and deputies kept the school in lockdown as they searched for the firearm.

K9 Brix arrived on scene and performed an evidence track. Brix went to the 2nd floor bathroom and hit on the garbage can. The K9 Deputy emptied the can and located a Glock pistol inside the garbage can.

Upon further inspection it was a Glock fully automatic airsoft gun. There were no markings signifying it was a airsoft or bb gun. It has similar weight as a normal handgun and all the markings of a normal Glock pistol.

Once the weapon had been located the lockdown was lifted at 2:16 pm which was past normal release time. The school was in lockdown for over an hour.

The 14-year-old student was arrested for Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on School Property and Felony Harassment.