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Fatal Car Crash into Pond in South Hill


One of the first responding deputies stripped off his gear and jumped into the pond to try and rescue the man. They swam out to where the vehicle was last seen, but because of the murky water with zero visibility he was unable to locate the vehicle. As soon as divers arrived, they were able to remove the man from the vehicle but it was too late.



At 2:50 pm, on Friday April 28th, our dispatchers received a 911 call from a man saying his vehicle went off the roadway into the pond at 122nd Ave E and Sunrise Parkway E. Deputies and Firefighters responded to the scene and the vehicle was completely submerged.

Pierce County Metro Divers went into the water and were able to extract the man from the vehicle at 3:28 pm. Paramedics were standing by and started to transport the 69-year-old man to the hospital, but he was pronounced deceased in the ambulance.

The dive team hooked the vehicle so it could be towed out of the pond. The traffic unit and medical examiner’s office were on scene to investigate the fatal crash.