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Graham Fire Station Standoff


At 08:09 am on May 12th our deputies were dispatched to a man with a shotgun in front of the Graham Fire Station at Meridian and 187th St E.

The man’s 82-year-old mother was in his vehicle and she followed commands and made it back to deputies safely. She advised there was a second gun located inside the vehicle as well.

Deputies learned the man was in crisis and went to the fire station because he was suicidal and he believed people were trying to kill him.

Deputies tried to communicate with the man through the loudspeaker for almost an hour.

Although he wasn’t 100% cooperative he at least had laid his shotgun on the ground and was pacing back and forth near it.

Our negotiators arrived on scene and started talking to the man but he continued to tell Deputies to shoot him and refused to step away from the gun and the vehicle.

While negotiators were talking to him, a contact team was able to get inside the station and… well, you have to watch to see what happened next.

Thanks to these brave and patient deputies the man was uninjured and taken to the hospital for a mental health hold and evaluation.

Also, thanks to the deputies those other heroes (Graham Firefighters) were able to use their building again!