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Arson in Prairie Ridge

At 05:39 am, on Friday May 26th, East Pierce Firefighters responded to a call of a house fire in the Prairie Ridge neighborhood. Our graveyard deputies in the Foothills Detachment saw the fire call on the screen and read that someone started it intentionally. Both deputies dispatched themselves to the call to investigate the possible arson.

All the occupants of the home were able to exit the residence before it was completely engulfed. The deputies talked to the residents and learned this incident was related to a domestic dispute between two people who did not live at the home.

They had hired a man to fix one of their vehicles and he was staying at the residence for a few days. This morning the mechanic’s girlfriend came to the home banging on the windows because she was upset the boyfriend was staying at the house. She threatened to burn down the garage and a few moments later they heard a loud bang. When they came outside the garage was on fire.

The home as well as a camper and four vehicles were destroyed in the fire.

Deputies have identified the female suspect in this incident and are working on locating her. Anyone with information can contact the Sheriff’s Department or make an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers.

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