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Over the weekend…

7/8/23, 2:54am
Fatal Collision
4000 blk 84th St E, Summit-Waller

Deputies were dispatched to a single-vehicle collision. When they arrived, fire personnel informed them that the driver, who was the only occupant, was deceased. Traffic investigators determined that the sedan had been travelling eastbound on 84th St E at a high rate of speed when the passenger side tires drifted onto the shoulder. The driver likely overcorrected, went across the roadway and onto the north shoulder. The car hit an embankment and ended up sliding across the roadway, likely tumbling, before coming to a stop. Deputies located a large can of alcohol wedged between the driver seat and the center console.

7/8/23, 2:00pm
Attempted Rape/Kidnapping
13400 blk 107th Ave Ct E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a parking lot to meet the victim of an assault that had just occurred outside of a nearby residence. When they arrived, a 38-year-old food delivery driver told them that she had just delivered an order to a customer. She left the food on the porch, and as she walked away, a young man opened the door and told her she forgot her tip. She turned around and saw a $20 bill on the ground near the door. As she picked it up, the man grabbed her shirt and tried to pull her into the house. He was wearing only a t-shirt. The victim escaped and ran to her car. As she drove away, the man was masturbating and grinning at her. Deputies drove to the residence, arrested the 17-year-old suspect, and booked him into jail. Prosecutors charged him as an adult (per state law) with attempted rape and attempted kidnapping. Bail was set at $150,000.

7/9/23, 4:30am
Commercial Burglary
16600 blk 110th Ave E, South Hill

A deputy contacted the manager of a construction materials business that was burglarized overnight. The manager told her that the suspect(s) cut a hole in the fence and stole at least $3,000 worth of aluminum sheets. The business has surveillance cameras, but the footage was too dark to be of any assistance.

7/9/23, 7:41am
Commercial Burglary
5400 blk 184th St E, Frederickson

A sergeant responded to a commercial burglary that occurred at a towing yard. The suspects had tried to pry open the front doors but were unsuccessful, so they shattered the glass instead. The owner searched the business and reported that the only thing missing was a stack of abandoned vehicle reports. These are commonly used by car thieves to steal and re-title vehicles in an attempt to make them look legitimate. There is no surveillance video.

7/9/23, 7:50pm
Strongarm Robbery
13300 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a fight in progress in front of a grocery store. When they arrived, they found two women crying in the parking lot. One of them, 19, told deputies that she had unknowingly dropped her wallet when she got out of her car. She said she went into the store and didn’t notice it was missing for about five minutes. When she came back outside to get it, a woman told her that someone picked up her wallet and walked into the store. The two women went into the store together and located the female suspect and her friend. When they confronted the suspect, the victim and the witness were assaulted. The suspects fled with two males in a vehicle. The vehicle is registered to someone in Bellevue, so deputies weren’t able to immediately make contact. Deputies are working to obtain surveillance video from the store to aid in the investigation.