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Armed career criminal repeatedly rams police vehicles, released on $30,000 bail

On July 27, our deputies teamed up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Corrections (DOC), and Tacoma Police to arrest a 33-year-old fugitive, who had two felony warrants for illegal firearms possession.

Just after 3:00 p.m., the arrest team spotted the fugitive, who is classified as an armed career criminal, at a gas station in the 8200 block of Pacific Ave S in Tacoma. A marked patrol car activated its emergency lights and drove towards the fugitive’s vehicle, which was parked at a gas pump. The fugitive put his SUV in drive, turned his wheels toward the officer and accelerated into the patrol car. He then put his SUV in reverse and slammed into the convenience store, creating a large hole in the wall. He then rammed the patrol car and the building again. Another police vehicle approached, and the fugitive rammed that car as well. He repeated this process several more times, hitting additional vehicles, before the arrest team could get his vehicle pinned.

Once the vehicle was immobilized, the arrest team gave verbal commands for the fugitive to put his hands out of the window, which was heavily tinted and partially rolled down. The fugitive kept bringing his hands back inside the vehicle and was reaching around for something. An officer broke the rear passenger window, and as he attempted to open the driver’s door from the inside, the fugitive reached towards the area between the center console and the seat.

Eventually, the arrest team got the fugitive out of the vehicle and took him into custody. He was treated at the hospital before being booked into jail.

Prosecutors charged the fugitive with four counts of assault in the second degree, malicious mischief in the first and second degree, and two counts of reckless endangerment. Bail in that case was set at $10,000.

For his two warrant cases (unlawful possession of a firearm), bail was set at $10,000 each.

Deputies obtained a search warrant for the fugitive’s vehicle and located: a loaded pistol, 82 grams of fentanyl, 10 grams of cocaine, 14 grams of crack cocaine, and two stolen credit cards. Additional charges have been forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

The fugitive posted $30,000 bail yesterday and has been released.