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Our friend “Piper” (for now) was about to be euthanized because she was a stray without an owner or microchip and needed emergency surgery. We called to stop the dog from being put down and the vet office told us a deputy who was there when Piper was rescued had already called and asked them to perform the surgery.

This afternoon when we heard the news we reached out to the vet and with the help of Sheriff Troyer we were able to contact People for Animal Care and Kindness or P.A.C.K. who came stepped in with a huge assist.

P.A.C.K. has taken care of Piper’s emergency surgery costs and now she is in recovery.  We are still unsure if Piper has a family trying to find her.

If you would like to help please consider donating to P.A.C.K. for the wonderful work they do to help animals in need.

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At 9:39 pm on September 7th, our deputies responded to an injured animal call at the 10700 block of Woodland Ave E. The caller reported a dog had been hit by a car and crawled into a culvert under the road.

Animal Control was not immediately available and deputies were able to see the dog in the pipe.

One of our deputies stripped off his gear and crawled into the pipe to rescue the pup. You can see the dog lay on top of the deputy when he made it up to him.

The deputy used a blanket to slowly pull the dog out. Once the dog was out he transported it to the emergency vet. Without any help the dog would have probably stayed in the pipe and not survived.

Stepping up where so many would not, these deputies are full of compassion and awesomeness! So proud!

(This gives serious “It” vibes and he is way braver than the rest of us)

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