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Over the weekend…

9/16/23, 3:56am
11000 blk Valley Ave E, Puyallup

A deputy was dispatched to a vandalism that occurred at a market. When he arrived, the owner told him that three young males wearing ski masks pulled up in a Mercedes and threw a cinderblock through the store’s window. The suspects then fled in the vehicle, which, according to surveillance video, was a silver or gold 2001 Mercedes E320.

9/16/23, 5:42pm
Vehicular Assault
88th Ave NW & Danforth St NW, Wauna

Peninsula Detachment deputies were dispatched to a collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. When deputies arrived, fire personnel were already treating the 51-year-old female victim. It appeared that the victim had been servicing the utility box at the intersection when a vehicle left the roadway, hit her, and then struck the embankment and several mailboxes. The driver fled the scene, leaving the victim in the ditch. Deputies located the 38-year-old driver a short time later and arrested him. He was booked into jail for vehicular assault and hit and run. The victim was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

9/16/23, 6:01pm
South Hill

A deputy contacted the victim of an extortion via phone. The 18-year-old victim told him that he met a woman online and she requested that he send her an explicit video of himself. Once he sent the video, the woman demanded that she send him $300 or she would post the video on his former high school’s Instagram account. The deputy advised the victim to delete all his social media accounts and to ignore any future communications.

9/17/23, 11:25pm
234th Ave E & 112th St E, Buckley

A Foothills Detachment deputy was traveling westbound on 112th St E when he noticed two suspicious vehicles idling next to each other with only their parking lights on. The deputy pulled over and watched the vehicles. As one of them left and passed by him, he recognized the driver as a 23-year-old fugitive with multiple arrest warrants, including possession of a stolen vehicle and escape from community custody. Expecting the suspect to flee, the deputy followed him while other deputies got into position to deploy stop sticks. The suspect tried to accelerate away from the deputy, so the deputy had to initiate a stop sooner than he wanted to. The suspect failed to yield and a deputy deployed stop sticks. The suspect swerved to avoid the sticks and continued driving recklessly. Since deputies didn’t have probable cause to believe the suspect committed any pursuable offenses, they couldn’t chase him. A short time later, a Bonney Lake PD officer spotted the suspect’s vehicle driving with all of its lights off. The suspect later passed another deputy at 60 mph with his lights still off. Again, the deputy could not pursue.