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Deputies Pursue Firebird from Air and Ground

On August 31st at 11:45 am our deputies and SWAT Team members were preparing to arrest a suspect from an assault with a firearm call from the day before at the 18800 block of 38th Ave E.

Deputies were gathering up to go contact the suspect at his trailer and knew he had a dark Range Rover which was used in the assault.

The suspect suddenly appeared in a red Firebird which was not one of the vehicles they had known about. The suspect pulled up next to one of our Sergeants and started yelling at him and reaching into his center console. The sergeant sped away worried the suspect would try to shoot him. As they went to the front of the storage facility the suspect realized there were a lot of us there and he drove off.

Give the suspect was wanted for Assault in the 1st Degree they were able to pursue. Thankfully we also had our Air Ops team overhead in PIERCE 1 to make sure this suspect would not escape. Watch footage from the air and the ground as our deputies pursued the Assault 1 suspect.

In the end, our deputies were able to utilize a PIT maneuver to get the vehicle stopped. This was an awesome team effort to get this wanted suspect into custody!