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Deputies Pursue Multiple Armed Robbers, 14 yr old Arrested

At 8:06 pm, on October 12th, our deputies responded to a call of an armed robbery at a residence in South Hill Puyallup. The caller stated they were robbed at gun point and the suspects left in 3 different vehicles.

The victim had just gotten home from the store when a male suspect approached and pointed a gun at him robbing him for his wallet and phone. The suspect fled in a white SUV along with 2 other vehicles.

The deputy taking this report had just taken a report of a stolen white Kia SUV at the Walmart in South Hill at 16502 Meridian E.

Deputies tracked the stolen phone which was now showing back in the Walmart parking lot. Deputies located the Stolen white Kia SUV in the lot and attempted to stop it. The suspect took off and our deputies pursued the stolen armed robbery vehicle. The suspect went into oncoming lanes and caused a collision at 128th and Meridian E but continued to flee. Deputies were able to successfully perform a PIT maneuver and arrested the driver, who ending up being a 14-year-old male.

While our deputies had this juvenile in custody, the stolen phone showed at the same location but started moving towards downtown Puyallup. Deputies believed the 3 vehicles seen at the initial robbery were together at the Walmart and that is how we found the stolen Kia SUV, but the other suspects with the phone were in another vehicle.

Our deputies saw the phone stop in the city of Puyallup and then continue up the hill back towards where the detained juvenile was located. At this time dispatch advised Puyallup Police had an armed robbery occur with 2 suspects in dark clothing in a black sedan in the same area as where the phone had stopped. Two vehicles were seen fleeing from that robbery.

The phone then tracked north on Meridian and up to Edgewood where our deputies located a dark colored Kia sedan which took off at a high rate of speed. Edgewood deputies pursued the vehicle into Brown’s Point where they were able to successfully PIT the vehicle. Three suspects fled the stolen vehicle on foot. A K9 track was done, but we were unable to locate the other suspects. The stolen cell phone was left inside the dark colored sedan deputies had been chasing.

The 14-year-old suspect was booked into the Remann Hall Juvenile Detention Center for Robbery in the 1st Degree, Resisting Arrest, Reckless Driving, Attempting to Elude and Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

Deputies and detectives will be working to identify the other suspects involved in these robberies.

Anyone with information on these crimes is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Department or make an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers.

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