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Over the weekend…

10/14/23, 2:05pm
Drug Possession, Warrants
Pacific Ave S & SR-512, Parkland

A patrol deputy was driving southbound on the SR-512 overpass when he spotted a man smoking narcotics on the sidewalk. The deputy contacted the man and noticed he had a piece of aluminum foil containing a partially smoked fentanyl pill. The 34-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail for drug possession, which is now a gross misdemeanor, and for other warrants.

10/15/23, 2:43am
12000 blk Ainsworth Ave S, Parkland

A deputy was dispatched to a suspicious car fire. When he arrived, he found a Dodge Charger parked on the street, which had been completely destroyed. The deputy spoke with the homeowner, who said the vehicle was a rental. The victim believed he had been targeted, but he didn’t know why, and he didn’t have any information on who the suspects might be. The fire marshal was notified.

10/15/23, 2:20pm
DUI Collision, Obstructing
Waller Rd E & Brookdale Rd E, Brookdale

Deputies were dispatched to a collision where one of the drivers was reported to be intoxicated. When deputies arrived, they saw a silver SUV that appeared to have collided with the back of a trailer. The SUV driver told deputies that he tried to stop, but his brakes didn’t work. Deputies observed signs of impairment while they were speaking with the driver. Witnesses told deputies that the driver initially tried to get into their vehicle after the collision. The suspect played the “name game” with deputies, but when they told him the fingerprint scanner was on its way, he provided his real name. The 24-year-old suspect was booked into jail for DUI and making false statements. His license is suspended in the second degree due to prior DUI convictions.

10/15/23, 9:30pm
Eluding, Warrant
224th St E & 52nd Ave Ct E, Spanaway

A patrol deputy was driving westbound on 224th St E when he noticed a sedan driving the opposite direction. He saw the car drift over the fog line as it passed him. He turned around and then the vehicle sped up to well above the speed limit. The deputy observed several signs of DUI and, anticipating that the vehicle would flee, he requested permission to pursue the vehicle, per state law. The deputy initiated a traffic stop, but the vehicle fled. The passenger of the vehicle called 911 to report that her 6-year-old son was in the back seat of the car. Based on this information, deputies decided to terminate the pursuit. Moments later, the suspect’s vehicle drove up onto the sidewalk in the 12200 block of Meridian and came to a stop. The driver got out and laid on the ground. Deputies arrested him, and a deputy (who is a certified phlebotomist) performed a blood draw. The 47-year-old suspect was booked into jail for eluding and reckless endangerment. He also had a felony warrant for failing to appear in court for a case involving illegal firearms possession and possession of a stolen vehicle. The 6-year-old child was released to his mother, but deputies forwarded a report to CPS.