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DUI Pursuit Passenger Calls 911

At 9:30 pm, on October 15th, one of our Mountain Detachment Deputies saw a vehicle traveling over the white fog line and weaving within the lane at the 6400 block of 224th St E. The vehicle started speeding as well and the deputy turned on his lights to try and pull them over. The driver slowed initially but continued to drive before he turned off his headlights. The deputy believed the driver was DUI and requested permission to pursue.

The deputy was assisted by several units who were able to successfully deflate all 4 tires using stop sticks.

This slowed the vehicle down to 40 mph as it was north on Meridian near 136th St E. The lead deputy was going to try for a PIT maneuver when something unexpected happened.

The female passenger in the suspect vehicle called 911 to tell dispatchers that there was a child inside the vehicle.

Deputies terminated the pursuit but watch from a distance as the suspect continued north at 5 mph over the speed limit.

The suspect only made it to the 12500 block when ran into the back of another vehicle, pulled to the curb and opened his door to flee..

At this point the deputy turned his lights back on and performed a felony stop to arrest the driver. Deputies detained the woman in the front seat and then approached and had their 6-year-old son exit the vehicle. Deputies did a great job of letting him know everything was okay. They let him play with a flash light and kept him occupied before releasing him to his mother.

The suspect, a 44-year-old male, had four warrants for his arrest. Those warrants were Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Malicious Mischief, Assault in the 3rd Degree and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Deputies applied for a search warrant to get a blood draw to test for possible impairment by the driver.

In addition to his warrants, the suspect was booked for Eluding and Reckless Endangerment.