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Students Stop Bus and Save Driver Having a Medical Emergency

On December 12, 2023 at about 07:55 am, a school bus driver was transporting students from both Franklin Pierce High School and Washington High School eastbound on 112th St E near Waller Rd E and approaching Vickery Ave E. The driver started experiencing disturbing symptoms while the bus was in motion. The driver was able to use the Public Address system and said something similar “Somebody call for help!” as he started to lose consciousness.

Two Washington High School students called 911, while a third student selflessly left the safety of his seat, took hold of the steering wheel and pulled the emergency brake to bring the bus safely to a halt.

Another student used the bus radio system to contact District Transportation while a fifth student held the driver’s head and told him it was okay and they had him.

The driver was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital for further evaluation and is doing fine today thanks to these young people who acted calmly and bravely during an emergency to save their bus driver and everyone else on the bus that day.

We were so thankful to be able to honor these students at an assembly last week for stepping up in a tense situation. Proud of them and thank you to Deputy Horne who nominated them for their efforts!