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Suspicious Person Chasing Children in Bethel School District

This morning at 08:12 am, a student at Liberty Middle School reported an unknown subject dressed in all black chased him last Friday morning on Jan. 12th.

This is similar to an incident reported to deputies by a female student on Thursday Jan. 11th at Bethel High School. The Bethel school district sent a message to parents about that incident and a student from Spanaway Middle School advised his parents someone chased him on Wednesday Jan 10th.

We are advising all students and parents to be aware of these incidents and please make sure you watch your surroundings when walking to or from school and or waiting for the bus. If you see someone approaching you that is suspicious please call 911 right away.

In one incident the suspect is described as 5’10” tall, slim build. In another one he is said to be 6’-6’1” tall and a “bulky” build. In all three incidents the suspect is wearing dark clothing. The suspect has not said anything and never made physical contact with any of the kids. Each incident seems to be similar in nature but we cannot confirm they are related incidents or the same suspect.

Below are details from the incidents.

Weds. Jan 10. at 07:00 am

A 13-year-old student was walking to Spanaway Middle School when he noticed a person dressed in all black following him. The student started running to the school and the person was running after him. When he got in sight of the school and staff the subject stopped, turned around and walked away.

Thurs. Jan. 11 at 06:20 am

A 14-yr old student was walking to Bethel High School near 225th St E and 40th Ave E

when a male jumped out of the bushes and attempted to grab her around the waist.  The suspect never said anything and never touched the girl who called a friend and ran in the direction of the school.

Fri. Jan. 12 at 06:30 am

A 13-yr-old student was waiting for the bus to Liberty Middle School when a passerby reminded him it was 2 hour late start. The student was walking home when he noticed another person in a black hoodie was in his path, so he took the long way home. He turned around and saw the male following him and walking fast to catch up to him. The student ran and saw the male start to run also. The student was able to make it home safely. He reported the suspect did not say anything to him.

Anyone with information about any of these incidents please call the Sheriff’s Department or you can make an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers.

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