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Over the weekend…

1/27/24, 2:02am
Vehicular Assault
4100 blk Wollochet Dr NW, Gig Harbor

Deputies were dispatched to an injury collision involving a single vehicle. When they arrived, they saw that a BMW sedan had collided with the guardrail. Fire personnel were treating the 17-year-old passenger, who had been ejected from the vehicle. He was eventually transported to the hospital for further treatment. The 16-year-old driver told deputies he had a few shots before driving and was going too fast. He said there were two other juveniles in the back seat, but they fled after the collision. The driver was transported to the hospital for a blood draw before he was booked into Remann Hall for vehicular assault and DUI.

1/27/24, 10:30am
Residential Burglary
15900 blk 95th Ave Ct E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a residential burglary at a home that was listed for sale. When they arrived, a realtor told them she was at the house to do a final walk through with her clients and saw two unknown individuals inside the house. The male and female suspects fled before deputies arrived. There was garbage inside the house, appliances were missing, and there were pry marks on the door. While deputies were writing their reports, one of the buyers called 911 and said that she spotted the male suspect at a nearby fast-food restaurant. Deputies rushed to the location and arrested him. On his way to jail, the suspect shouted, “She’s right there,” pointing out the female suspect. The male, 38, and female, 35, were booked into jail for residential burglary.

1/28/24, 5:21am
Commercial Burglary
13300 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary in progress at a movie theater. Janitors had discovered a broken glass door and saw movement inside the building. When deputies arrived, they obtained a key and began searching the large building. After clearing the lobby, deputies started clearing individual theaters. They found the suspect behind the first door. The suspect refused to comply with deputies’ commands and was warned several times that he would be tased. A deputy deployed his taser, but it had no effect. The suspect then began telling deputies to shoot him. Eventually, he surrendered and was taken into custody. Deputies examined the taser probes and determined that the suspect’s thick shirt prevented the probes from reaching the skin. Other deputies responded and finished clearing the entire building. The 29-year-old suspect was booked into jail for burglary in the second degree and resisting arrest.

1/28/24, 5:45am
Commercial Burglary
12600 blk Meridian E, South Hill

Deputies were dispatched to a commercial burglary alarm at a beauty supply store. The suspect fled before deputies arrived. According to an employee, the suspect stole 14 hair clippers, with a total value of $2,500. Deputies collected physical evidence left behind by the suspect.

1/28/24, 6:03am
Armed Robbery
14200 SR-165 E, Buckley

Deputies were dispatched to an armed robbery that had just occurred at a gas station. When they arrived, the clerk told them that he had just opened the store when a man entered the store and walked behind the counter. He said the man pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t open the register. The clerk complied and the suspect fled. Deputies retrieved interior surveillance video and gathered physical evidence. Deputies are working with the owner to obtain exterior surveillance video.