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Rescue From Puyallup River and Car Retrieval

Back on January 12th we had a car go into the Puyallup River at 12:44 am. The driver climbed onto the roof of the vehicle and Puyallup Tribal Police rescued him in one of their boats.

On January16th, our Swiftwater team helped our divers hook the tow up to the vehicle to help remove it from the river.

One interesting thing about the vehicle was it was a reported stolen vehicle out of South Hill Puyallup. The owner was out of town and when he returned the vehicle was gone. The victim knows of the suspect who is friends with another family member. The case was forwarded to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office for Review and possible charges for possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Take a look at the body camera footage of that rescue and see how we removed the vehicle from the water a few days later.

And since we know you’ll ask “How did it end up in the river?” Imagine how someone in a stolen car drives in a 25 MPH zone. A witness saw the headlights of the vehicle going south on Frank Albert Road and then go airborne before landing in the river. That’s how.