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K9 Bronco Tracks Down Burglary Suspect

At 3:15 pm on Tuesday January 30th, our deputies responded to a burglary in progress call at the 2400 block of 302nd St S in Roy. Deputies were advised the homeowner interrupted a burglary and the suspects tried to flee the residence, but their car was stuck in the mud.  Our deputies arrived on scene and contacted the woman who was the driver of the vehicle. After detaining her they saw the other suspects jump over a fence into a field. The first suspect surrendered, but the second suspect continued to flee. The deputies took the one suspect into custody and they waited for backup to setup containment.

With the last suspect still refusing to come out of hiding, K9 Bronco and his partner were called in to assist. After making announcements it was Bronco’s turn to help us catch the last burglar.

The howling you hear is our other K9, Eddie, who is very jealous he’s not out tracking with his partner who is assisting on this track.

Bronco searches into the field, then back to the fence and at first it seems like he is tracking a deputy, until we hear his handler calling for Bronco to bring the suspect out from his hiding spot.

Once this burglar is in custody deputies finished speaking to the victim and witnesses. The two male suspects were arrested for Residential Burglary. After speaking to the female suspect deputies believe she acted as a getaway driver so she too was arrested for Residential Burglary.

Without K9 Bronco we might not have found that last suspect who buried himself in the grass and mud. Excellent use of the K9 and Awesome Job by our deputies!