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Juveniles arrested after fleeing from deputies in stolen Kia

On Tuesday morning, at 6:45 a.m., deputies were dispatched to the 5100 block of 219th St Ct E in Spanaway after a 911 caller reported three people slumped over in a Kia Sorento. She was concerned because she tried to wake the occupants, but they were unresponsive. Dispatch ran the license plate and advised deputies the car was stolen.

When deputies arrived, they attempted to box in the vehicle, but the occupants woke up and the car sped away before deputies could get into position. Since the vehicle was driving recklessly, deputies couldn’t pursue it. After the vehicle went through a neighborhood, a deputy saw it stop at 50th Ave E and 221st St E. All three juvenile occupants fled on foot.

Deputies from our Mountain Detachment quickly arrived on scene and helped set up a perimeter. Then, a resident flagged one of them down and said she saw three people run into her neighbor’s backyard. The deputy looked over the fence and saw the three suspects crouching down in the yard, attempting to hide. He entered the yard and took one of them into custody. The two other suspects fled but were quickly apprehended. Deputies soon learned that one of the juveniles lives at the house where they were hiding. A school resource officer recognized him as a student at the nearby high school.

The driver told deputies he was 15, but initially refused to provide his name. He said that he is in the system and that deputies would have to wait until they got to Remann Hall to learn his name. He eventually gave in. He was booked into Remann Hall for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and obstructing. The other juveniles (both 15) were released to their parents/guardians.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged the two passengers with taking a motor vehicle without permission in the second degree and obstructing. They will receive a summons to appear in court.

The driver was charged with unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, obstructing, and failure to obey. He appeared in court for a probable cause hearing and was placed on curfew monitoring. He was ordered to stay in his residence from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.

Incident # 24-064-00483