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Over the weekend…

3/9/24, 4:35pm
Assault on Deputy, Resisting Arrest, Felony Harassment
15400 blk Meridian E, South Hill
Incident # 24-069-01460

Deputies were dispatched to an intimidation with a weapon at a library. When deputies arrived, a crowd of witnesses pointed out a couple (male and female) and said the man threatened to pull out a gun on one of the library patrons. Deputies saw the couple walking away from the scene and chased after them, ordering them to stop. The female turned around and screamed at the deputies. While one of the deputies was talking to the male suspect, the female grabbed the deputy’s arm. Then, as the deputy was assisting with handcuffing the male suspect, the female grabbed his handcuffs. The deputy attempted to detain the female suspect, but she resisted and shouted profanities at the deputy. When backup arrived, she kicked the deputy in the knee. Once both suspects were detained, the victim told deputies that the couple came into the library and began to argue loudly. The victim asked them to be quiet and the female suspect started yelling at him. He said the male suspect reached for his waistband and threatened to shoot him. The 58-year-old male suspect was arrested and booked into jail for felony harassment. The 51-year-old female suspect was arrested and booked into jail for assault in the third degree, obstructing, resisting arrest and felony harassment.

3/9/24, 5:00 – 7:00pm
Fraud, Theft
1700 blk 135th St E, Brookdale
Incident # 24-070-01318

A deputy was dispatched to a theft that had occurred the day prior. When he arrived, the 74-year-old victim explained that she arrived home from work (grocery store) and noticed that a suspicious man had followed her home. He told her that she had backed into his vehicle. Knowing she had a backup camera and sensors, the victim didn’t think she had hit the man’s car; however, he showed her a black mark on her rear bumper. He told her that she would need to pay him $200 to get his car fixed. He then helped her take her groceries inside. At some point, the victim realized that the man had left. She noticed a $100 bill and her credit card were missing from her purse. The suspect tried to make a purchase at a home improvement store, but the transaction was declined. He made a $424 purchase at another store. When the deputy looked at the victim’s car, he noticed that the black mark easily rubbed off and appeared to be rubber, possibly from a shoe. Upon speaking with neighboring jurisdictions, the deputy learned that this scam is common right now in our area and elderly victims are being targeted.

3/9/24, 11:06pm
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest, Eluding
7800 blk 165th St Ct E, South Hill
Incident # 24-069-02215

Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies were participating in a street-racing emphasis and were breaking up a gathering of street racers in the area of 200th St E and 38th Ave E when they received a LoJack hit on a stolen Kia Soul. An unmarked police vehicle located the stolen Kia and followed it to a residence in the 15400 block of 81st Ave E. A marked Tacoma patrol vehicle initiated a traffic stop, but the vehicle fled. The unmarked unit was waiting at the neighborhood entrance/exit and deployed spike strips. After the car hit the spike strips, the driver fled on foot and was arrested nearby. The 23-year-old was booked into jail for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding.

3/10/24, 12:29am
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Arrest
11500 blk Canyon Rd E, Summit
Incident # 24-070-00041

Patrol deputies were driving through a grocery store parking lot when they noticed a suspicious Chevy Camaro. They ran the license plate and learned that the vehicle had been stolen from the Chehalis area. As the deputies waited for an additional patrol vehicle, a passenger got into the Camaro and it drove away. Deputies initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled over in another parking lot. The four vehicle occupants were detained as deputies conducted an investigation. The 39-year-old driver told deputies that a woman who resides at the Tacoma Mission had traded a motorhome for the Camaro and was letting him drive it because she couldn’t drive a manual transmission. He was arrested for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle.