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Graveyard deputies catch auto thieves, court-order violation suspect

Court-order violation suspect exits vehicle

Our graveyard deputies did some fine work last week on several calls. Watch them catch these suspects red-handed.

On Sat., Apr. 13, at 1:28 a.m., deputies responded to take a court-order violation report at a home in Spanaway. The caller stated they had a court order against a family member who kept driving past the house.

After the deputy finished getting the details for his report, he was talking to the victim when the suspect drove by in the same silver Chevy Traverse.

The deputy ran back to his vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. He detained the suspect and asked him a few questions.

Based on their contact, and him witnessing the suspect drive past the victim’s home again, he was arrested for violating the court order. One condition of the order was not to possess any firearms. Given the suspect’s statements, the deputy impounded the vehicle and later served a search warrant on it.

The deputy found a firearm in the vehicle and forwarded additional charges to the prosecutor’s office.

On Tues., Apr. 16, at 1:41 a.m., a deputy was patrolling the Winco parking lot in South Hill when he noticed a suspicious vehicle with two people inside.

When the two subjects went inside the store, the deputy checked the VIN and discovered the vehicle was stolen. He called for backup and they made the arrest.

Deputies recovered the vehicle which had been reported stolen in Poulsbo. Both suspects were arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, and one of them had a warrant for burglary in the second degree.

Great Job, Graveyard, for being proactive and helping to resolve these incidents!