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Task force, SWAT Team arrest violent fugitive who failed to appear for trial

fugitive being put into patrol car

On Fri., Apr. 26, in the 11200 block of 171st St E in South Hill, a Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy assigned to the FBI’s South Sound Gang Task Force spotted a 37-year-old fugitive who stopped showing up to court during his jury trial. The fugitive had been charged in connection to a 2022 shooting in Lakewood and for fleeing from deputies who were trying to arrest him.

Deputies surrounded the home and used a PA system to order everyone out of the house. After a few minutes, a woman exited the house with her small child, but none of the other occupants complied.

Our SWAT Team was requested due to the threat level of the people who remained inside the home. After several hours, a male resident exited the house, followed by the fugitive. He was booked into jail on his warrant.

Jury trial had continued even though the defendant (fugitive) was not present. On Apr. 15, a jury convicted him of unlawful possession of a firearm in the first degree and attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle. The assault charge and an additional gun charge were dismissed due to lack of victim cooperation.

The defendant appeared in court today and will be held in jail without bail until he is sentenced on May 24.