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Over the weekend…

Check out some of the calls our deputies responded to over the weekend…

4/27/24, 12:45am
DUI Collision, Arrest
68th Ave Ct E & 160th St E, South Hill
Incident # 24-118-00075

Deputies were dispatched to a two-vehicle collision where impairment was suspected. When they arrived, they saw that a white Dodge Charger had crashed into a fence. According to witnesses, the Charger was speeding westbound on 160th St E, at nearly 100 miles per hour, when it hit the back of a pickup truck travelling in the same direction. The pickup truck spun around and struck a utility pole, which broke in half. The 44-year-old driver of the Charger admitted to just leaving a bar, where he said he had 3 to 4 drinks. He was arrested for DUI and transported to the hospital for a blood draw.

4/27/24, 12:47pm
Found Property
5000 blk 200th St Ct E, Spanaway
Incident # 24-118-01012

A deputy was dispatched to a residence for a report of found property. When he arrived, the homeowner showed him a loaded pistol magazine that she found in her backyard. The deputy inspected the magazine, which appeared to have been out in the weather for some time. He booked the magazine into our property room for safekeeping.

4/27/24, 2:00pm
17400 blk Meridian E, South Hill
Incident # 24-119-00370

A deputy took a report from a fraud victim. The woman told him that she was shopping at a grocery store, but when she got to the cash register, she realized her wallet was missing. She went home and contacted her bank but was informed that someone had already made a $993 purchase at a nearby store. She was advised to report the card stolen and dispute the charge. The case number was also provided to her bank.

4/28/24, 4:28am
Damage to Public Property
12300 blk 12th Ave S, Parkland
Incident # 24-120-00267

A school resource deputy was dispatched to a burglary that occurred over the weekend at a middle school. When he arrived, he determined that a burglary did not occur, but 14 windows had been smashed with rocks. According to surveillance video, several juveniles committed the crime, which has been an ongoing issue at the school. The video is not clear enough to identify the suspects. Damage was estimated at $5,000.

4/28/24, 9:05am
Stolen Motorcycle Recovery, Arrest
1600 blk 72nd St E, Midland
Incident # 24-119-00664

A patrol deputy was driving through a grocery store parking lot when he spotted a woman sitting on the back of motorcycle that didn’t have a license plate. The woman told the deputy that the motorcycle belonged to her boyfriend, who was inside the store. The deputy checked the VIN and learned the motorcycle had been stolen in King County. When the suspect exited the store, he saw the deputy and walked back inside. He eventually walked towards the motorcycle and the deputy told him to sit on his patrol car bumper. Instead, the suspect fled on foot. The deputy (who is one of the fastest on our department) gave chase and tackled the suspect. Backup arrived and the 37-year-old suspect was arrested. The 25-year-old female passenger fled the scene as well, but deputies located and arrested her in a nearby apartment complex. Both suspects were booked into jail for unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle. The male suspect was also booked for resisting arrest. The deputy who tackled the male suspect suffered a minor injury and received medical treatment.

4/28/24, 11:10am
11800 28th Ave E, Parkland
Incident # 24-119-00876

A deputy contacted the victim of an attempted fraud. The victim told him that he had listed a tractor for sale on Offer Up for $51,000. He was then contacted via text message by someone who wanted to purchase it. He said he knew he shouldn’t have responded, but he did anyway. The “buyer” sent a $51,000 check via UPS. The victim took the check to his bank and they told him it was fake. The check appeared to come from a foundation run by the family who owns the Kansas City Chiefs, although the return address on the envelope was in North Carolina. The victim had yet not transferred possession of the tractor.