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Over the weekend…

Check out some of the calls our deputies responded to over the weekend…

5/18/24, 9:46pm
Drive-by Shooting
46th Ave E & 224th St E, Spanaway
Incident # 24-139-01909

Deputies were dispatched to a drive-by shooting that occurred in a residential area. When they arrived, a witness told them that she observed shots being fired by someone inside a black, four-door sedan. She said there were approximately 4-5 occupants in the vehicle. Another witness pointed out the house she believed was being targeted. A resident of that home denied hearing gunshots and didn’t want to talk with deputies. Several casings were collected and booked into evidence.

5/19/24, 2:29am
DUI Arrest
112th St E & Canyon Rd E, Summit
Incident # 24-140-00170

A patrol deputy noticed a Kia Optima stopped and partially blocking the intersection of 112th St E and Canyon Rd, facing eastbound. When the light turned green, the vehicle did not move, so the deputy initiated a traffic stop. The male driver was passed out, the vehicle was in drive, and the driver’s foot was on the brake. The deputy attempted to wake up the driver but was unsuccessful. A second deputy arrived and they boxed in the vehicle in case the driver woke up and tried to flee. Deputies tried rocking the vehicle side to side, but the driver still didn’t wake up. Deputies decided to break the window. The driver woke up but was still incoherent. A trooper responded and conducted a breathalyzer test. According to the test, the 24-year-old driver had a blood alcohol content that was nearly double the legal limit. He was booked into jail for DUI.

5/19/24, 12:13pm
Stolen Motorcycle, Drugs
14100 blk Yakima Ave S, Parkland
Incident # 24-140-00815

A deputy spotted a motorcycle without a license plate, so he initiated a traffic stop. The rider looked back at the deputy and attempted to quickly accelerate, but the motorcycle stalled. The rider pulled into a driveway and tried to push the motorcycle into a backyard. The deputy contacted him and detained him while he conducted an investigation. The rider provided several fake names and the deputy learned that the motorcycle had been stolen from the Seattle area. When deputies learned the suspect’s real name, they determined he had two felony warrants. They arrested him, searched his bag, and found a variety of drugs. The 42-year-old suspect was booked into jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

5/19/24, 5:13pm
Vehicular Assault
Waller Rd E & 104th St E, Midland
Incident # 24-140-01374

Deputies were dispatched to a multi-vehicle collision at a busy intersection. when they arrived, fire personnel were working to extricate a passenger from one of the vehicles. One of the drivers told deputies that she was driving southbound on Waller Rd E and saw a white pickup truck driving westbound on 104th St E. The pickup truck ran the red, hit a Toyota, and then hit her. The driver of the Toyota confirmed this. During their investigation, deputies determined the 36-year-old pickup truck driver was likely under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A Puyallup Police officer conducted a blood draw on the suspect before he was evaluated at the hospital and then booked into jail for vehicular assault.