Establishing our leadership team

Having completed a thorough review of the County's management structure and personnel, I am pleased to announce our management team and a refined structure that will be more efficient, productive and accountable.

Brian Ziegler has chosen to retire after many years of service to Pierce County. In light of this, Planning and Land Services will be combined with Public Works to form Planning and Public Works. Dennis Hanberg will be the director. 

Information Technology will merge into Budget and Finance. Gary Robinson will be the director of that group, now known as the Finance department. The group also includes Risk Management. As a result, Linda Gerull is leaving the County and a search for a risk manager is underway following the retirement of Mark Maenhout. 

Tony Tipton will be a Special Assistant in the Finance department. Scott Hall will be the interim director of Parks and Recreation while a search for a new director is conducted.


Michael Kawamura will be the Director of Assigned Counsel.

Kevin Stock will be the Clerk of the Court.

Libby Catalinich will be the Director of Communications.

Peter Ansara will be the Director of Community Connections.

Denise Dyer will be the Director of Economic Development.

Lowell Porter will be the Director of Emergency Management.

Bret Carlstad will be the Director of Facilities Management.

Ginny Dale will be the Director of Human Resources.

Dr. Tom Clark will be the Medical Examiner.


I want to express my deepest appreciation to Brian Ziegler and Linda Gerull for their years of dedicated service.

All department directors will be submitted to the County Council for confirmation and ordinances will be proposed to align the County's codified management structure with the operational structure now in place.

The appointment of department directors is the beginning of a continual effort to improve the quality and efficiency of the services we provide to the citizens of Pierce County.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you in that effort. 






Bruce Dammeier

County Executive