Hola!  My name is Maia Espinoza and I’m the new Director of Constituent Services in the Executive’s Office.

My primary job is to make sure that constituent matters that come directly to our office are routed to the correct department so that issues may be resolved – but keep reading to learn more!

As an ambitious, 20-something, aspiring entrepreneur, I was admittedly a little hesitant to come to work for county government. After a few weeks on the job, however, my impression of the County has been rather surprising.

We often think of government as bogged down with process and bureaucracy—people not very concerned with the minute matters of the individual constituents. My experience thus far has proved that preconceived notion to be dead wrong. It is evident to me that County employees do care about their constituents and are proactive in finding solutions.

The issues that come to my office, more often than not, depend on the aid and expertise from another department within the County. I was surprised at the readiness and eagerness to help find solutions and resolve issues no matter how big or small. It has become apparent to me that the people that work for Pierce County care deeply about their community and coworkers. I could not be happier to have found a home here in this family of compassionate and effective government workers.

Another component of my job is managing all of the boards and commissions that serve Pierce County. Currently, we have around 50 openings across our 50 various boards and commissions. I see these openings as an opportunity to engage more people in their local government! What an amazing chance to spark a fire in a young person or someone who is passionate about an issue in their community. There are countless ways to get involved, give back and be heard. Joining a board or commission through Pierce County is a fantastic way to serve your community by learning, discussing, and advising on public policy matters.

Click here to view our current vacancies on Board and Commissions in Pierce County. As a community liaison now, and in previous positions, I seek ways to empower our emerging community leaders and I could not be more excited to help fill these board vacancies.

In previous roles, I worked to promote civic engagement across the Latino community of Washington State, having worked for the Center for Latino Leadership and the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs. I’ve worked in communications, marketing, sales, and customer service but finding solutions has been my mantra. If I can help you solve a problem or become part of the solution, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

I’m excited to join you in serving Pierce County!

Maia Espinoza is the director of Constituent Services. The opinions expressed are her own.