Never forget

Early last year, Executive Dammeier and Council Chair Richardson proposed, and Council approved, the funding needed to create a new memorial for Pierce County’s fallen first responders.

Too many of our police officers, fire fighters and military police have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives protecting our community. The memorial at the County-City Building is designed to provide a fitting and publicly accessible place to honor their memory and valor.

With the help of Councilmember Ladenburg and leadership from first responder agencies, the Facilities Management team set to work to find a great location and come up with an appropriate design.

The advisory group ultimately selected a plaza configuration featuring natural stone plinths to be placed at the CCB’s second floor entrance.

Construction is on track to begin later this summer, and the County’s Arts Commission is currently evaluating proposals for art to be placed in the center of plaza. We are optimistic the space will be completed (or close to it!) by the end of the year.

Please have a look at the concept art below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or Diane Cooksey at Facilities.

It’s been an honor to support and help this important memorial come to fruition!


Have a great weekend,

Chris Cooley

Executive Budget Analyst

Executive’s Office