Census lauches today and Pierce County is ready!

I know we are all focused on COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It has dominated our work and disrupted our family life. I appreciate everyone’s dedication and commitment to serving the residents of Pierce County – they need us now more than ever!

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But, there are important initiatives happening in our country. And, one of the most significant is the 2020 Census.

I’ve asked our Auditor, Julie Anderson, to take over this week’s blog to tell us more.




In like a lion and out like a lamb? No such luck. March is jam-packed with national news playing out on Pierce County’s doorstep.

March 9, 2020             Pierce County confirms seven COVID-19 cases

March 10, 2020           Presidential Primary

March 11, 2020           Governor announces emergency measures

March 12, 2020           U.S. Census begins!

Being a “Register Online” and “Vote from Home” state was a huge advantage during the Presidential Primary as we grappled with COVID-19.  We are equally lucky with today’s launch of the 2020 Census. It’s online and the portal opens today!

Wait . . . what?  Today? Digital?

Yup! While the decennial Census hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years, the 2020 procedures will be quite different. Most prominently, the 10-question survey can be answered online at www.2020Census.gov.  In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau is counting on most households to use this convenient option.  You can use a desktop computer, mobile device, or a smart phone.

And speaking of phones . . . another option is to be interviewed by a U.S. Census Worker over the phone!  Operators are standing by (I couldn’t resist that) to take your call. The phone service is available in English and 13 languages. Each language has its own toll-free number. The phone service is available from 4 am to 11 pm (PST) toll free, 7 days a week. Starting today!

These phone numbers – and the instructions for the online portal at www.2020Census.gov – are both included in mail piece that will delivered to your household between March 12 and 20.

With these self-response options and a longer self-response period, we can achieve a complete count despite COVID-19 challenges. But we still need your help .  . .

You can count on us!

There is an enormous lack of awareness about the 2020 Census. And, despite its simplicity, there is a good deal of skepticism and fear. To ensure a complete count in Pierce County, we need YOU to spread the word about the Census.

Please watch and share this 6-minute video:

Julie Anderson, Auditor