Are you hungry?

COVID-19 has created terrible new problems and worsened some that we’ve already had in our community.

One of the areas hardest hit over the last few months is the network of food support for those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Organizations like the Emergency Food Network and Nourish Pierce County depend on an army of volunteers to pack and prepare food for distribution. However, most of their volunteers are over the age of 60 and more vulnerable to the ravages of COVID-19.

At the same time, due to layoffs and furloughs while businesses have been shut down, there’s an even greater need for food from newly unemployed residents.

In other words, it’s a perfect storm.

With support from the Council, we have allocated millions in CARES funds to help get food to the people who need it.  You can learn more about it in this video:

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Puyallup Food Bank.  They are currently operating rent-free in the former Safeway store off East Main Street.  Thank you, Safeway, for helping out with food and the vacant site!  This significantly expanded space allows them to provide more food to the community and operate in a socially distant way – following all the coronavirus precautions.

I know many of you have big hearts and a genuine hunger to help our community.  I hope you will consider volunteering at a food bank near you.  A few of us from the 7th floor have reserved a time next month to volunteer at the Emergency Food Network and I’m looking forward to doing something tangible to help. And, I know our local food banks would graciously accept any donations of food or funds that you can provide.

We’re all in this together and I’m proud of how you’ve stepped up and supported our residents.

The days are getting shorter and the evenings are taking on a crisp feel. So, I hope you get out and enjoy some of the last days of summer while we have them.

Thanks for reading,