How do you really feel?

As we approach the opportunity to “open up” and return to the office, we knew you and your colleagues would have some questions.  And, you did not disappoint!

I received a record number of questions from folks in advance of the Town Hall, and you added many more “live” during the Zoom meeting.

I think it would surprise no one that the most frequently asked questions were about masks.  Must I wear them? Am I allowed to wear them? Can I ask others to wear them?

Here’s the deal: we expect every County employee to treat others with respect – that includes co-workers, customers and our community. While some groups led by other elected officials will have their own guidelines and expectations, for the most part fully vaccinated employees may enter County buildings and do their work without wearing a mask. And, those who are not vaccinated must wear a mask. Pretty straightforward.  Until it’s not.

I know and respect the many reasons why people choose to get vaccinated and why they choose not to.  And, you are expected to respect them, too. You may not agree but we will not allow anyone to be harassed or otherwise mistreated for their choice.

Okay, now that we’re clear on that, there were a few other questions to address, including guidelines around working from home, the status of the class and comp update, and how we can bridge the broadband divide.  I invite you to grab a snack and watch the replay here:

My thanks to the many of you who submitted questions – I appreciated your candor and concern.  Thanks, also, to the several hundred of you who joined me over the lunch hour for the Town Hall in real time.  We will do it again!

Switching gears, I recently had the opportunity to do a ride-along with Brian Boman of Animal Control.  Talk about an interesting job!  He once had to capture an 8-foot alligator a Pierce County resident kept it as a “pet.”  Amazing!

You can learn more about this important function of the Sheriff’s Department in the latest installment of “Inside Pierce County.”

Thanks for reading,