An attitude of gratitude

It’s easy to focus on everything we have lost over the last two years or so.  There’s no question COVID has robbed us of many things – most terribly, people we love.  None of us will emerge from this time unscathed or unchanged. We’ve all learned the importance of being in the moment and having a greater appreciation for experiences we may have previously taken a little for granted.

However, it’s useful and healthy to remember the many things we still have. Thankfully, that list is long for me this year, and I hope it is for you, too.

First, we have amazing and heroic healthcare professionals. While many of us could work from home and socially distance, most of our healthcare team had to step into the teeth of the pandemic – from giving vaccinations to delivering critical care in an ICU.  We are forever indebted to them for their selfless service and compassion.

Second, we have all been reminded how important our educators are – and the important role our schools play in academic development for our children, as well as social and emotional growth. We owe another debt of gratitude to our teachers, administrators, bus drivers, janitors, and others. They have shown great professionalism and tenacity – constantly adapting and adjusting to deliver for our young people.

Third, I’m forever grateful to all of you – our County family – who have weathered this storm with grace, perseverance, and creativity. Your ability to innovate and problem solve to serve our residents never ceases to amaze me!

Fourth, I’m thankful we have new and enthusiastic employees joining us every day. Just this week I had the chance to sit in on our New Employee Orientation and I was encouraged by this eager group of talented and passionate people.  While we are seeing some key veterans retire, our future is bright!

Fifth, I’m personally grateful to be able to celebrate the holiday with my brother and sister. We haven’t been together in many months so we will have a great deal of catching up to do. While I will miss being with my granddaughters, I am excited to reconnect with my siblings.  I hope many of you will have the chance for family reunions, as well.

Last, I think we can all appreciate a couple of days off to recharge, reflect and regroup.  I know I will look forward to a good book, or two, and time away from the office.

I wish you a restful and rejuvenating holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Bruce Dammeier Signature