Sometimes all a person needs to turn their life around is for someone to believe in them. That’s where Dominique Hardeman comes in.

Dom oversees the probation program for District Court.  He also manages the Court Resource Center that provides those exiting incarceration the services they need for a hopeful and positive transition to the community.

His work to give people a chance for redemption is inspiring and lifechanging. His belief in the power of encouraging support and action gives us all reason to be proud.  I find him to be one of the most positive and innovative leaders in Pierce County – and that is saying something!

I invite you learn more about Dom and his passion to foster redemption and renewal for court-involved individuals in District Court – and his powerful reflection.

While Black History Month is typically a time to look back to recognize the important contributions of Black leaders in the past, I think it’s also an opportunity highlight people whose work today will make history in the future. I believe Dominique is one of those people. His work is changing the trajectory of untold numbers of people and is modeling the way all of us can make a difference – one person at a time.

I wrote about a few other notable Black or African American leaders in a blog last year (Tomorrow’s Icons Today) and I was amazed to realize as I re-read it that both of the inspiring people I highlighted – Joe Evans and Lisa Mansfield – have since become judges!  If history is any indication, I guess Dom has an exciting future ahead!

I want to close on a much more serious note. I know you join me in concern for the invasion initiated by Russia this week. I’m keeping the Ukrainian people in my thoughts and prayers as they endure the most significant and aggressive military conflict in Europe since WWII. Pierce County is home to thousands of Ukrainian-born immigrants, and we offer our support at this traumatic time.

Thanks for reading,