It’s cold!

At the start of a recent meeting, each participant was asked “What is one of your favorite summer activities?”  I told the group one of my favorites is hearing my granddaughters squeal with delight when riding on a tube being pulled behind our boat!  Even at their young age, they enjoy the bouncing and thrill of going fast – well, not too fast.  However, their dad knows what could happen.  He is on the tube with them – and everyone is wearing life jackets.  So, they get the thrill, and he keeps them safe.

Our waters are one of the things that make our home so special. And enjoying them on a paddle board, in a kayak, on a tube, or in a boat is the best part of the summer for many of us.

Even when it’s hot outside, our local waters stay very cold.  So cold, in fact, that swimmers in our lakes and the Sound can suffer from what’s known as “cold water shock.” That is, your body reacts badly to the sudden temperature change.  Swimmers can quickly lose their ability to swim or even breathe.

Sadly, we lose people to drownings nearly every summer as they jump in the water to have fun and “beat the heat” – 34 have died in the last five years. To help prevent this, Pierce County Parks partnered with jurisdictions from around the region to produce a social media campaign to warn our residents of the dangers of cold-water shock.  Our goal is zero drownings!

To learn more about how you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe while you are near the water, check out the tips here.

Anyone growing up in Pierce County knows that summer really starts on the 5th of July.  So, I hope you and your friends and family get the chance to enjoy our summer – in the mountains, at the beach, and on the water.

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