Continuing to Serve

Last March at Deputy Dom Calata’s Celebration of Life, I committed, on behalf of the people of Pierce County, to NEVER FORGET – his service and his sacrifice for our community.

On Wednesday, I took part in the dedication of our Sheriff’s Department’s Defensive Tactics training gym in Dom’s honor.

The Deputy Dom Calata Defensive Tactics and Training Center is where our deputies learn the techniques and skills to keep our community and themselves safe in a physical confrontation with a suspect. As you can imagine, learning and being able to apply these tactics effectively is a key part of both our law enforcement and corrections deputies’ jobs. Getting a combative suspect or detainee under control safely and quickly is crucial.

Not surprisingly, Dom Calata was an expert using these tactics. Not only was he one of the Sheriff Department’s defensive tactics instructors (he was the Instructor of the Year in 2019), but he also helped develop new techniques for our deputies to use in the field.  And some of the techniques he helped develop are now being taught to law enforcement officers in other agencies as well.

All this came as no surprise to me.  It reflects his character, professionalism, and heart for our community. Dom was driven to be better at his job – and to help others become better, too. And that resulted in both his colleagues and our community being safer.

This large plaque is displayed prominently on one end of the training center – overlooking all who are honing these critical skills. My thanks to Sergeant Jason Youngman and all those who made this Center possible.

So, while Deputy Calata’s watch may have ended, his legacy and contributions continue to serve our community well.

At the dedication, I also met Deputy Carla Marquez. As you can imagine, all our defensive tactics instructors are accomplished in the martial arts, but Deputy Marquez has been getting special recognition.  She recently competed at Police and Fire Olympics in San Diego and brought home Gold and Silver medals. This weekend, she will be competing at the 2022 World Master International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Championships in Las Vegas. Good luck Deputy Marquez. You have all of Pierce County cheering you on!

Deputy Carla Marquez

While Deputy Carla Marquez is competing, I hope you enjoy our final weekend of summer!