For the first time in several years, our family’s Thanksgiving gathering will be larger! We’ve been looking forward to returning to something that resembles a typical holiday. With some wise precautions, this is the year.

My sister and brother-in-law will be flying in from the East Coast.  They’re the parents of the cross-country Olympic skiers I wrote about last winter. My brother is quite the foodie and always prepares an amazing meal!  As for me, my talents shine after dinner, as the “dishwasher in chief.”  It will be wonderful to be with my siblings, and many of our children and grandchildren!

For me, the holiday is not just about a great feast with those I love.  There are many other things that make this time of year special. We just started decorating our home for the holidays!  And of course, there is the Apple Cup!  I will be rooting for the Huskies but most in my family are Cougars.  It is always a spirited game – both on the field and in the room where we watch!  And amid all this activity, I make sure to pause and remember the many reasons I’m thankful.

I’m especially grateful that every day of the year you are serving our residents and making us proud to call Pierce County home!  I hope you have time over the next few days to enjoy the things that make you happy and thankful.

Thanks for reading,