A key of their own

In celebration of Black History Month, we asked Delmar Algee of Human Services to chat with our partners from the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance (TMA). The team at TMA is doing work today that will change the history of many people in our community.

You will see in the video below a fantastic example of what can happen when people use their shared cultural experiences, knowledge, and respect to build bridges and develop trust. In many instances, it is only because of that common culture that a struggling person accepts an offer of help.

Located in the Hilltop community in Tacoma, TMA works to prevent people in the African American community from sliding into homelessness.  Additionally, their staff reaches out to those without a home to give them the support and encouragement to become housed.

I love Elder Montgomery’s passion as he holds up the paperwork that gives a person something as simple as a key. But, that key (and TMA’s support that goes with it) can change everything for the person holding it – especially on a cold winter night.

My thanks to the members of the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance for sharing their work and perspective on cultural hubs with us.  And special thanks to Delmar and the team at Human Services who work every day to help people rebuild their lives and reclaim hope for the future.