Unearthing a mystery

As I have mentioned before in this blog, the Executive Team is moving.  Next Tuesday will be our first day in our new home – 1501 Market Street!

To prepare for the move, we’ve been going through closets, cabinets and drawers to determine what items need to make the move with us. 

If you’ve moved recently, you can appreciate how much stuff there is to go through – and some of the interesting things you discover.  But the item we found in a hard-to-reach spot really surprised all of us!

This silver goblet was awarded to the winner of the 1915 Pacific Northwest Golf Association Women’s Champion – Mrs. T. E. Curran!  It was awarded 100 years before we hosted the USGA Men’s U.S. Open Championship in 2015!  The 1915 tournament was played at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club in Lakewood.

This 1940 photo shows Mrs. Curran seated on the far left at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club. Photo courtesy of Tacoma Public Library

You may be asking yourself why this beautiful award was in our Executive Offices.  Good question!  It turns out that Tim Farrell, a former County Councilmember, bought the cup at a fundraising auction and thought it should reside with the County.  It was a generous item to gift to us and from now on it will be displayed proudly by our Parks Department.

Golf has a long history with Pierce County.  Whether more than 100 years ago in Lakewood, or at Chambers Bay in University Place.  Of course, the U.S. Open is the pinnacle of all the tournaments we’ve hosted but every tournament has had special moments. And we are very excited to welcome the USGA’s 2028 Amateur Four-Ball Championship, which was just announced yesterday.

All these championship tournaments bring out exceptionally talented golfers to test themselves at Chambers Bay.  Our community is on full display and our local golf aficionados get to see the best in the game compete in-person!

While I’m not a golfer, I’ll bet a number of you will hit the links this weekend to enjoy the summer-like weather that has finally arrived.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,