Shifting the spotlight

While much of my adult life has been spent in public service, I must confess that I can be uncomfortable when the spotlight shifts to me. In this blog I much prefer placing the focus on you and the great work you’re doing for our residents! That’s why I’m a little sheepish with this week’s blog topic – which is all about me.

Years ago, when we started Inside Pierce County – our video series that takes folks behind the scenes at the County – I didn’t anticipate that I would one day film a segment about what it’s like to serve as the Executive. But I must admit that when I’m out in the community I am frequently asked about what a typical day in my work looks like – as if there is anything that resembles a typical day around here! 

So, I agreed to let PCTV follow me around and capture some of what I do in a day. I invite you to spend a “day” with me to learn more about what I do and why I do it.

My thanks to the many colleagues who allowed us to film our work together. I appreciate it! And a special shout out to my Executive Assistant and key partner, Lillian Scott. I would be lost without her!

Thanks for watching,