Turning up the heat

I hope you and your friends and family had a safe and sane celebration of our nation’s independence!

Those of us who grew up in the Pacific Northwest know that summer doesn’t really begin until July 5th – as proven by years of experience with cold and wet Fourth of July parades and parties.  This year, however, the heat is on and we’re ready to celebrate.

I know for many, like my family, the heat will drive us to the shores of Puget Sound or our amazing lakes.  Before you get too carried away, remember that our waters are beautiful, but danger lurks.  It’s critically important that you keep in mind how to safely enjoy the Sound, lakes and rivers, so your fun does not become a tragedy.

Some time ago we created a video to help keep our residents safe in the water.  I encourage you to take a quick look for a refresher:

While most of us are really looking forward to a hot summer weekend, the heat can be deadly for the elderly and those without shelter. You might want to check in on the seniors in your family and neighborhood.  Our colleagues in Emergency Management, along with those in Human Services, have plans in place for the most vulnerable in our community and are ready to activate, if needed.

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is the best!  And most of us eagerly await these hot days!  Enjoy the best our region has to offer – but keep your wits about you, too!

Thanks for reading,