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Foot Chase with DV Suspect With Multiple Warrants

At 11:18 pm, on October 30th, two of our graveyard deputies discovered a vehicle they knew to be driven by a man with multiple domestic violence warrants for his arrest.

They also knew the owner of the truck had an active protection order against this man. Deputies pulled up next to him and verified he was the correct suspect. They then attempted to pull him over when he turned into an apartment complex.

The suspect ran on foot and deputies gave chase. He doubled back and ran through a field toward a fence, but instead of jumping over the fence the suspect tried to run through it, head first.

It did not go as planned and the suspect sprawled out on the ground where deputies came up and arrested him.

Deputies contacted the passenger in the vehicle and discovered she was the owner of the truck who had a valid Protection Order against the suspect.

He was booked for Violating a Protection order, Unlawful Imprisonment, Obstructing Police as well as his warrants, which were:

-Unlawful Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

-DV Assault 2nd degree, DV Felony Harassment x2, DV Residential Burglary

-DV Assault 4th degree

-DV Protection Order Violation, DV Malicious Mischief 3rd degree

-DV Protection Order Violation

-DV Protection Order Violation

-Recreational Fishing 1st Shoot/Gaff/Snag Fish

Great Job Graveyard!