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Collision on Spanaway Loop, Road Shut Down


Roadway is now open. Both suspects were arrested for Vehicular Assault for reckless driving which caused injuries to others.

They were not booked so they could go to the hospital for treatment. Traffic investigators will forward their case to the Prosecutor’s Office.



At 11:47 am, on November 23rd, our deputies responded to a multi-car collision at Military Rd S and Spanaway Loop Rd S.

Callers reported several people being injured to include several children. Witnesses reported two Dodge Chargers were driving at high speeds and the driver in a maroon Charger tried to overtake a vehicle and rear ended another vehicle causing the collision.

Several people were transported to the hospital, no serious injuries have been reported at this time.

The causing driver was arrested for Reckless Driving but was released to the hospital. The driver of the second charger was cited for Reckless Driving at the scene.

The roadway will be shutdown while the traffic unit documents the scene and get the vehicles towed.

Please drive safe today! We need everyone to make it to their events and make it back home tonight. As always do not drink and drive! Stay the night, catch a ride, walk, bike or have a sober driver. There are no excuses for anyone to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.