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Thief in a Tree

Thief in a Tree

At 9:28 pm, on March 21st, our deputies were working with the Auto Theft Task Force on a stolen vehicle emphasis. An undercover deputy spotted a Kia Sportage with a temporary tag belonging to a Chevrolet Equinox. Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle at 26th St S and Pacific Ave but it fled.

Unluckily for these stolen vehicle suspects the King County Sheriff Helicopter, Guardian 1, was overhead to see everything.

Guardian 1 led deputies to two passengers that were dropped off and then to the driver and front passenger who fled into Swan Creek Park.

What these suspects also didn’t know was a small contingent of our SWAT Team as well as K9 Brix were assisting with arrests on this emphasis.

Guardian 1 led K9 Brix and the team straight to suspect 1. Brix made contact and the suspect surrendered.

After he was taken into custody, deputies went to the second suspect who had climbed up a tree.

He was very reluctant to climb down, but after some negotiating and polite conversation SWAT Team members were able to coax him out of the tree.

This is a good example of teamwork led to the capture of these fleeing suspects. Thank you King County Guardian 1, Tacoma Police and The Auto Theft Task Force in helping us!