Can you figure it out?


I found a cryptic note in Bruce’s office. I think he has been hiding clues in his blog posts this whole time. Can you help me crack this code before he returns?

Here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

  1. This goes all the way back to the beginning. Start by opening Bruce’s first blog post from January 13, 2017. Apply Clue #1 to that blog post to find a year, month, and date of another blog post. I repeat: you are looking for a year, a month, and a date.
  2. You then navigate to the next post by typing in this web address: with the correct year, month, and date substituted in. For example, if the clue leads you to January 13, 2017, you will enter into your internet browser. You can also navigate there by using the blog archives on the right side of this page (but it’s less satisfying that way).
  3. Repeat the process of applying clues to find another blog post until you get to Clue #4. You will apply Clue #4 and information in that blog post to solve the code.

Here are the clues:

Clue #1: The Lakewood event was “A Day to Remember,” even three years later!

Clue #2: I love the study, but the acronym makes me “ill.” The number of letters in the judge’s first and last name will lead you to the day. The missing “ley” is the key!

Clue #3: The career fair was incredible! With 20/20 vision, perhaps you’ll spot some drones. But even a guy like me can see the number of human traffic cones (month). We had lots of tables for the day; add ten to the number you see.

Clue #4: P.S., Luke’s phone number will get you more than just donuts. Add each of his digits to the code to get the right value.

Key Code

If you solve the mystery (or want some help), click here and tell me what you found (or where you are stuck). Good luck!


Brian Hardtke is Chief of Staff in the Executive’s Office