This week, Pierce County lost an amazing father, husband, friend and protector, Deputy Daniel A. McCartney. To his family, friends, and co-workers, I am deeply saddened by your loss. You are in my prayers. This loss reaches out and impacts everyone in our community – and beyond.

Deputy Daniel A. McCartney lost his life responding to a home invasion call. We now know that the call was to a well-known drug house often visited by sheriff’s deputies. We have also learned that two young children were living in the home in deplorable conditions.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that in the past month our county has been faced with two significant tragedies; the Amtrak Train #501 derailment and now the horrible death of Deputy McCartney, both events having a huge impact on our community, leaving us to ask “why”?

As I grapple in my own mind with what has happened, I am struck that when these tragic events happen there are people; police, fire, EMS, and good Samaritans, who run towards the chaos to protect and help their fellow human being. Deputy McCartney displayed tremendous courage. In the dark of night, he inserted himself into a chaotic situation, to protect those children and restore order. I am in awe of Deputy McCartney and our other deputies who regularly confront evil and step into the unknown to protect us.

Despite the sense of loss, I draw some comfort and pride that our community has such people. People who willingly accept this tremendous responsibility – understanding that they may be called to pay the ultimate price. So while we grieve the loss of Deputy McCartney, I want us also to celebrate his life and our deputies. I want us to show them our appreciation every day, and not just when a horrible event like this happens. To them I say, “Thank you for protecting us. We will never be able to show you how much we appreciate your willingness to risk your life to keep us safe.”

Many of you have asked how to help support Deputy McCartney’s family. The Deputy Daniel McCartney Legacy Fund has been set up and donations can be accepted at any TAPCO Credit Union or via The Crime Stoppers Website.