Stronger together

Each May, the American Public Works Association (APWA) dedicates one week to educate the public about the value that local public works departments provide to their communities.

This year, National Public Works Week will be from May 16-21 and the theme is, “Stronger Together.” The theme highlights just how important it is for every community stakeholder to collaborate, educate, and work together to solve complex challenges in a way that benefits everyone.

Public works is a broad term that encompasses services and infrastructure that most people have come to rely on in their daily lives but may not think about very often. Our utilities, roads, traffic signals, bridges, solid waste management, and flood protection systems keep us safe, healthy, resilient, and make everyday tasks much more convenient.

As we all prepare to bounce back from the pandemic and reimagine our work spaces, recreation activities, and travel options, I encourage everyone to take a minute to appreciate the “little things” that make our community such an amazing place to live.

As your new Director of Planning and Public Works, I am excited to join the Pierce County community and be a part of our amazing public works organization. The County’s commitment to building and maintaining our infrastructure is strong, but with the community’s help, we can be “stronger together!”

Join me in celebrating National Public Works Week by recognizing those that keep our traffic, sewers, storm drains, and rivers flowing in the right direction and take the time to thank someone who provides excellent service to our community.

Thank you,







Jen Tetatzin, PE, PMP, is the director of Planning and Public Works.