2023 Year in Review

December brings many celebrations and remembrances for all or us.  One that I look forward to but is also the most challenging is our annual Year in Review video.  It is intended to share the key highlights of our work in the last year with our residents – so they can be reminded of our work on their behalf. Despite the outstanding support of Libby Catalinich, our Director of Communications, and the Emmy-winning PCTV Team (Megan Hutton, David Kellman, Jeremy Acree, Peter Gudmunson and Bryant Hankins), it is a difficult endeavor!

Knowing the time limitations of our audience, the trick is choosing what content to highlight from a year’s worth of efforts.  How do you decide what makes the final cut and what ends up on the cutting room floor?  The choices are very difficult, especially the last cuts – from 8 minutes down to 6 minutes.

In the end, we chose those highlights that would give our audience the best view of our broader work in 2023.  I am deeply appreciative to the PCTV team – their creativity in presentation is exceptional.

With that said, give it a watch and let me know how you think we did highlighting 2023!

Finally, I wanted to share one more story from our Employee Incentive & Recognition event from last month.  One of our amazing 35-year awardees was present, but his award could not be presented to him. The reason?  Because he was officially working to keep all of us who were celebrating safe and secure.  So, I was proud to present Deputy Roger Ward his 35-year award in my office this week.  

Thank you for all your service to the people of Pierce County, Deputy Ward – since 1988!

Thanks for reading – and watching!