Pierce County District Court Resource Center

Every time I watch the news, we are confronted by stories about crime in our region.  And often those crimes are fueled by addiction – which is ravaging peoples’ lives.  Sadly, we rarely hear the stories of those who have taken back their lives and embarked on a new and better path, for both them and our community. Rarely does this transformation happen without significant help from others. I got to see some of this amazing work firsthand a few days ago.  And, it was right across Tacoma Avenue from the County-City Building!

Our District Court Resource Center is in a small office building, but it accomplishes big changes in the lives of some of their clients.  I love Dom Hardeman’s passion for the Resource Center’s work.  And Judge Kevin McCann wants someone’s “first interaction with the courts to be their last.”  Their clients are held accountable for their actions, but also get the help and support they need to turn their lives around. 

The Resource Center started with accountability – probations services, including Day Reporting and Work Crew.  But they invited other partners in to help with addiction treatment, job training and placement, housing, peer counselors, and even a used clothing bank – critical for job interviews.  There are also shelves stocked with food and transportation vouchers.

And this one-stop shop for transforming lives actually expanded their support beyond court-involved clients! 

This video captures the life-changing work that happens every day in the Resource Center.

Inside Pierce County – District Court Resource Center

My thanks to Dom, Judge McCann and Louis for the work they and their teams do on a daily basis.  Learning about Alexandra’s story was incredibly powerful.  She overcame a crippling addiction to transform her life and now works to help others turn their lives around too.  I understand why Dom believes he has “the best job in the world”! 

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